Hello, my work name is Lilio

I am, in general, a 3D artist, mainly doing environment and rendering stuff.
I am, sometimes, an illustrator, doing concept art and layout design for various clients.
I am, also, a full time dreamer, dreaming about my own imaginative world while slowly creating it at my spare time.

My actual name is Lily S.H. Yiu:

  Nationality: Canadian
  Current Location: Canada
  Origin: Hong Kong
  Zodiac: a lion and a mouse

My foundation: Please refer to my CV

Strength: a naturally curious person
Weakness: could turn into strength under different circumstances

Camera: FujiFilm FinePix F550EXR
I play with: Maya, 3D Studio Max, Houdini Modo, RealFlow, Mental Ray, V-Ray, Mel & Python scripts, Photoshop, Zbrush … etc.

Favourite pastime activity: draw & daydreaming, playing the violin
I think about: a lot of random things such as the (im)possibility of living a happy life, and the existential worth of human activities

Things I bring when I go out: a sketchbook, writing/drawing utensils, a camera

I love: Wooden toys
I like: to look at the sky
I want: a lion plush
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