Taking a picture of myself at a place I have been to in my dream, but I don't exactly know where this might be.
3D scene illustration project. I tried to imitate what a real camera would capture such as depth and bloom using the VRay Physical Camera. Mostly a straight render out of 3ds Max, slight post-work adjustment done with After Effects. 
Everything modelled in 3ds Max (except for the round-looking bush that comes with the iToo Forest Pack), and rendered via the VRay engine.
Trees and bushes modelled via the GrowFX plugin.
Grass and leaves modelled in 3ds Max and placed in the scene via iToo Forest Pack plugin.
Adjustment Breakdown:
screencapture of the working scene
mini-reel of the post-render work done in After Effects
passes used to composite the image
Scene creation process:
Additional Render
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