Project objective:
This was initally a theatre lighting project for my Entertainment lighting course at Ryerson University (see above video), I personally extended the project to include a CG lighting mockup version of what we were going to do for our real presentation with physical light fixtures. The CG viz was done during our planning stage of the lighting cues.

To create a set with a piece of music of choice using 8 theatre light fixtures. 
Lighting Comparison:
CG lighting is a great tool for setting up levels for lighting cues since real-world setup generally have a very limited, if any, time frame available to test lighting and colour different levels. It is especially useful for fine-tuning the cues to add subtle details to the lighting set.
Real-World Set credit:
Alan McIntosh, Daniela Arceo, Lily S.H. Yiu
CG Viz:
Lily S.H. Yiu
CG Resources:
Table, stool, chair :
Maya, Mental Ray
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